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Center for Labor Research and Education


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Labor Summer Student Internship Application


Deadline: Monday, February 25, 2019 at 11:59 PM (PST)!

Due to the high volume of applications, late applications will not be considered.

Important directions on how to fill out the form: Please draft and save your responses on your own computer. Once finalized, cut and paste your responses into the application form. This will allow you to maintain access to your information and answers. Hitting "Enter" on your keyboard will submit your application; tab through the questions. Please have your resume ready to attach before you begin. You will receive an e-mail confirmation once we have received your completed application.


Eligibility/ Availability

Answers that may affect your eligibility will be indicated.

1. Will you be at least 18 years old by May 20, 2019?
2. Are you currently enrolled in classes this semester/quarter or will you be enrolled in classes in the Fall 2019?

5. Are you available to participate in Labor Summer for the entire 8-week period from June 17 to August 9?
6. Do you plan on working, taking classes, taking study courses, etc. this summer?
7. Do you have any time constraints that would prevent you from committing 40 hours a week to the internship program over the summer?
8. Are you willing to make the internship a priority this summer?
9. What is your current academic level?

12. Where are you willing and able to commute to on a daily basis this summer? (Choose all that apply)



Interests and Skills

13. Are you willing to consider relocating if your placement site is too far to commute to on a daily basis?
14. Will you have a car for the summer that you are willing to use during the internship on a daily basis?
15. Do you have a valid driver's license?
16. Are you bilingual or multilingual?
Choose the level of skill from the dropdown menu: Native, Fluent, Read & Write, Conversational (Speaking and Listening), Basic Understanding

Additional Questions

19. Which track(s) are you applying for? If you are you interested in being considered for both tracks, please rank your preferences using the dropdown menu.

21. How did you hear about Labor Summer?

Short Answers

Please answer the following questions. Your response should be 1 paragraph MAXIMUM for each question.

23. Have you taken classes or studied with professors that have sparked your interest in learning more about the labor movement?
24. Have you done any economic or social justice work on or off campus?
25. Have you ever held a job?
26. Have you or has anyone you know been represented by a labor union or worked somewhere when workers tried to organize a union?

29. Have you ever worked on or coordinated a big event?

30. Please rank your level of proficiency with the following software programs.

Please answer the following questions if you want to be considered for the Applied Research and Policy Track.

32. Do you have experience using search engines?

33. Do you have experience designing, administering, or interpreting data from interviews or focus groups?

34. Do you have experience doing statistical analysis?

35. Do you have experience using SPSS or STATA?

36. Do you have experience working with large data sets?

37. If given the opportunity, are you interested in continuing this internship beyond the required 8-weeks?