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Carol Zabin, Director of Research

Carol Zabin

About Carol Zabin

Carol Zabin (Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley) is a labor economist whose research has addressed job quality, living wages, worker training and other economic development issues in the United States and Mexico. Her current research focuses on the impact of climate change legislation and the burgeoning green economy on California's economy, workers and labor unions. Carol is leading a $1.1 million study, funded by the California Public Utilities Commission, assessing California's workforce development needs as part of the California Long Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan. Carol also serves as Co-Chair of the Donald Vial Center on Employment in the Green Economy. Past work includes a project in which Carol extensively researched and analyzed ways to alleviate the staffing crisis in California's services for those with developmental disabilities. She worked with labor, community, and business partners on a field project to improve conditions for workers in this sector. Carol has served as a research advisor to numerous unions, community organizations, and foundations on issues of workforce development reform, the role of unions in labor markets, and improving opportunities and outcomes for low-wage workers. Before joining the Labor Center, she was on the faculty at Tulane University and UCLA. In early 2013, Carol was appointed to the executive council of the California Workforce Investment Board, where she participates in decisions about statewide workforce policy and investment. She chairs the Green Collar Jobs Council, a committee of the WIB tasked with assessing and planning for the workforce needs of the clean/green economy in California.

Publications by Carol Zabin