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Jessica Halpern-Finnerty, Policy Analyst

Jessica Halpern-Finnerty

About Jessica Halpern-Finnerty

Jessie Halpern-Finnerty has been at the Labor Center since December 2009, working on policy to support job quality and training in California's green economy. She also contributes to the work of the Donald Vial Center on Employment in the Green Economy at IRLE. Jessie joined the staff as a researcher on the 2011 Workforce Education and Training Needs Assessment for the California Public Utilities Commission. Her research focus was on labor market analysis and workforce development in energy efficiency and related sectors. Jessie received her MA in International Public Affairs from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 2009 with an emphasis on social, labor and employment policy. Prior to joining the Labor Center, Jessie worked on high road economic development policy for several years at the Center on Wisconsin Strategy. During graduate school Jessie spent a summer in Mexico City studying North American trade and labor policy, and implications for immigration reform in the U.S.

Publications by Jessica Halpern-Finnerty