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Berkeley Report: CA Health Care in Crisis


BERKELEY, Calif. (KCBS) — The health care crisis in the U.S. is getting worse according to a new report by U.C. Berkeley researchers. It’s estimated 500,000 Californians have lost their health insurance during the recession. Across America the number is more like 3.7 million.

“Health care, instead of being paid by employers, is getting paid by public programs and tax payers, or really what we’re seeing is that people just won’t have health care at all,” said Dave Graham-Squire with U.C. Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education co-authored the report, called “No Recovery in Sight.”

However, there is hope, Graham-Squire says, if Congress passes health coverage reform.

“If nothing comes out of this, even if the economy fully recovers, we could see 600,000 Californians lose health care,” said Graham-Squire.