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VIDEO: UC Berkeley Labor Center Teach In on Economic Inequality: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions Robert Reich
Robert Reich calls on the 99 percent to move "beyond outrage." (Peg Skorpinski photos)

On April 4, 2012, the UC Berkeley Labor Center brought academics, students and labor leaders together to talk about the causes and consequences of the widening economic inequality that sparked the Occupy Wall Street protests and similar Occupy movements around the country. Full videos of each of the presentations from the April 4th Economic Inequality Teach In are available at the links below.



Emmanuel Saez, UCB Economics Video 16:40

Sylvia Allegretto, UCB Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics Video 18:11

Paul Pierson, UCB Political Science Video 18:47


KEYNOTE: Robert Reich, UCB Goldman School of Public Policy Video 34:00



Stephanie Luce, CUNY Murphy Institute Video 10:01

Art Pulaski, California Labor Federation Video 10:18

Cindy Chavez, Working Partnerships USA Video 9:07

Charlie Eaton, ReFund California Video 14:59


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