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The Hands that Feed Us: Challenges and Opportunities for Workers Along the Food Chain
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Dime a Day

A Dime a Day: The Impact of the Miller/Harkin Minimum Wage Proposal on the Price of Food
October 2012, by Chris Benner, Associate Professor, Center for Regional Change, University of California, Davis and Saru Jayaraman, Director, Food Labor Research Center, University of California, Berkeley
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Additional upcoming projects include:

  • A series of reports on the potential impact of providing livable wages and benefits to food chain workers on the cost of food for consumers. These reports will be drawing upon Business Census data to examine how payroll and benefits costs will accumulate up the food chain to the consumer.
  • A research study on wages and working conditions within the poultry processing sector.
  • A multi-year study of the impact on public health of low wages, lack of benefits, and poor health and safety conditions among food workers.

The Food Labor Research Center is open to considering other partnerships and research projects, and also has opportunities for student research. For more information please email us at