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Health Care Data from other Organizations

Employer Health Benefits Survey
Annual survey provides wealth of data on national trends in employer-sponsored health insurance, including costs of premiums and prescription drugs, retiree health benefits, employer changes to health care coverage in light of rising costs, and employer cost-sharing models, among other features.


California insurance coverage data: California Health Interview Survey
Site offers data on wide range of California health care issues, including insured and uninsured populations, disaggregated by demographic and geographic characteristics. “Ask CHIS” function provides a wealth of data on trends in employer-sponsored health insurance coverage. Note: access to CHIS data requires (free) web sign-up and log-in.

National insurance coverage data: US Census Bureau “Health Insurance Data”
Site offers national figures on the percentage of the population insured (both employer- and government-sponsored) and uninsured, as well as year-over-year changes in insurance coverage. Also includes “Table Creator” function, allowing for creation of unique tables from a wide range of user-defined categories.

Health Care Costs: Medical Expenditure Panel Survey
Data on nationwide health care use and costs from the comprehensive federal survey of households, nursing homes, medical providers, and employers.

Kaiser Family Foundation State Health Facts Web Site provides free, up-to-date and easy-to-use health data on all 50 states and on more than 500 health topics. The data are collected from a variety of public and private sources. To improve users’ ability to make comparisons across the states, attempts to provide information that is collected with a consistent methodology across the states and DC.

National Health Interview Survey
Conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics, this continuous survey illuminates the health care status of the US civilian population. Data on illness and disability, and utilization of health care services.