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Promoting Enrollment of Low Income Health Program Participants in Covered California

Data Brief CoverApril 2013, by Elizabeth C. Lytle, Dylan H. Roby, Laurel Lucia, Ken Jacobs, Livier Cabezas, Nadereh Pourat for the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education and the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research

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In 2014, over 500,000 California residents will transition from the Low Income Health Program to health coverage provided by Medi-Cal or subsidized health plans offered in Covered California. This policy note focuses on the transition plans for the 27,000 higher income enrollees that will be eligible for sizeable federal subsidies in the state-based health insurance exchange, Covered California. A successful transition with high rates of participation relies on collaboration between the Department of Health Care Services, the local Low Income Health Programs (LIHPs) and Covered California. Enrollees will be moving into a complex system of premium payment, plan choice, subsidies and cost-sharing reductions and their engagement in the transition is necessary to result in enrollment in health plans by January 1, 2014. Recommendations to promote success include: applying administrative LIHP and DHCS data to ease the enrollment process in Covered California, collaborating in communication with LIHPs and other county programs, and targeted outreach with personal assistance for potential enrollees.


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