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 National Health Reform

Calculator: How Much Would a Family Save Under the President's Health Reform Proposal? Calculator: How Much Will a Family Save Under the New Federal Health Law?
Updated May 2013

» National Calculator
» California Calculator

Enter household and enrollee information and this interactive calculator estimates how much individuals and families will spend on premiums under the health law.

Affordable Care Act: Summary of Provisions Affecting Employer-Sponsored Insurance Affordable Care Act: Summary of Provisions Affecting Employer-Sponsored Insurance
Updated June 2014
» Summary PDF

This summary addresses common questions from unions and employers about the impact that the federal health law will have on employer-sponsored insurance.

The Affordable Care Act: A Guide for Union Negotiators The Affordable Care Act: A Guide for Union Negotiators
Updated August 2012
» Guide PDF

This guide describes some of the key Affordable Care Act provisions as they apply to union plans, outlines the implementation timeline, and discusses considerations for union negotiators.

Health Care Summary of Health Care Reform Legislation Provisions Affecting Children, Non-Elderly Adults and Employers
Updated June 2012
» Summary PDF

A detailed summary of key provisions of the new health care reform law that affect individuals and employers, including Medicaid expansion and Children's Health Insurance Program changes, eligibility for the new health insurance exchange, premium and cost sharing subsidies, reform of health plan standards, employer and individual responsibility requirements, small business tax credits, funding for retiree coverage and tax changes.

ReportEconomic Impact of Low Income Health Program Spending on Select California Counties
By Laurel Lucia, September 7, 2011
» Analysis PDF
» Press Coverage

This analysis projects the impact that the Low Income Health Program is likely to have on economic output, tax revenue and employment in nine select California counties: Fresno, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego and Santa Clara.

What Information Do Unions Need to Make Informed Health Care Bargaining Decisions?
July 2011
» Survey PDF

This tool provides suggestions to unions about information collection and member surveys in preparation for making informed decisions in negotiations with employers over health benefits as the Affordable Care Act is implemented.

Would the House health care bill be a job-killer as Republicans claim, or would it spur the economy?
by Ken Jacobs, November 17, 2009, Berkeley Blog

"The House Wins" (a comparison of the three competing health reform bills)
by Elise Gould and Ken Jacobs, November 13, 2009, Economic Policy Institute website

Health care reform: Shared risk, responsibility
Op-ed by Ken Jabos and Jacob Hacker
San Francisco Chronicle, September 3, 2009

A Public Option That Works
New York Times, August 21, 2009

 Summaries of State Health Reform Legislation

Hawaii’s Prepaid Health Care Act  PDF
New York's Healthy New York Program PDF
Maine’s Dirigo Health Reform PDF
Minnesota’s Smart-Buy Alliance PDF
Massachusetts’s Health Care Reform Plan PDF
Vermont’s Health Care Affordability Act PDF

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