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Frequently Asked Questions

The Application Process


Time Conflicts

Financial Considerations


The Application Process

When is my application due?

Monday, February 27 at 8 a.m. PST. Due to the high volume of applications, late applications cannot be considered.

What do I need to include with my application?

A completed application consists of two items: an online application that is filled out completely and a copy of your resume. The online application form provides a section where you can upload your resume.

I haven’t had much paid work experience; do I still need to submit a resume?

Yes. Feel free to include any volunteer work or campus student group activism on your resume.

What is the interview process? Do I need to travel to Berkeley for the interview?

We prefer to conduct all interviews in person at UC Berkeley, but in cases where we are unable to do an in-person interview, we will schedule an interview via skype. If selected for an interview, we will contact you to schedule an interview. All interviews are usually completed in April.

I am trying to make summer plans. When will I find out if I am accepted into the program?

Our goal is to let all applicants know if they have been accepted by mid-May. We also do rolling admissions, so if you apply early (before the application deadline) you may find out sooner if you have been accepted. If you are put on the wait list for the program, you may not know if you have been accepted until late May or after.

How will I know if I am accepted into the program?

All applicants who are accepted into the program will be notified by e-mail, and in most cases by phone as well. Applicants who are not accepted into the program will be notified by e-mail.

How will interns be matched to their sites? Is having a car required?

Interns are matched to sites according to their skills, interests, where they are able to commute to and the languages that they speak fluently. Having a car is not required, but is extremely helpful and might increase your chances of getting placed. Historically many sites require the use of a car. Some sites are willing to provide a car; some are not. All sites are requested to compensate for the cost of gas interns use during their placement while traveling from their placement site to an off-site location. Transportation to and from the host site is the intern’s responsibility. We also try to match interns who do not have cars to sites that are accessible by public transportation, although these sites are limited.


I’m not a UC student, can I still apply?

Yes. We are now able to consider applications from students outside the UC system.

Are there programs that are similar to Labor Summer that I can apply to?

There are several other programs that you might be interested in. Their web addresses are below.

AFL-CIO Union Summer:

AFL-CIO Law Student Summer:

AFSCME Alternative Breaks Program:

Center for Third World Organizing:

Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE):

Midwest Academy:

Occupational Health Internship Program:

I am a DACA student. Am I eligible to participate?

Yes. DACA students are encouraged to apply. Several DACA students have participated in and graduated from the program.

If I participated in the past in the UC Berkeley Labor Summer Internship Program or the UCLA Dream Summer Internship Program, can I apply for this one?

This program is designed to give as many students an opportunity to participate as we have the capacity to support. Therefore, you may apply but priority will be given to students who have not participated in Labor Summer.

I’m a graduate student. Can I apply?

Yes! This internship is for both graduate and undergraduate students. However, graduate students must meet the GSR requirements in order to be eligible. Graduate students must have at least a 3.0 grade-point average; may not have more than two incomplete grades in upper division or graduate courses on their transcript; and must be in good academic standing. Students on Filing Fee status may not be appointed as GSRs and therefore may not participate in the Labor Summer program.

I will graduate in Spring of 2017. Can I still apply?


I am transferring to a UC school but I won’t start until the fall. Can I still apply?

New undergraduate transfer students entering in the Fall of 2017 are eligible as long as your transfer application has been accepted by UC and you are enrolled for the fall OR you have submitted your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) to your campus by May 1.

I have been accepted and plan to attend a UC school in the fall as an undergraduate freshman or first-year graduate student. Can I still apply?

Incoming first-year graduate students are eligible for the program if you have submitted your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) to your UC campus by May 1. Unfortunately, due to University hiring policy, incoming undergraduate freshman are not eligible.

Do I have to be in a certain major or field to apply?

No, you just have to have a commitment to social and economic justice. You can apply from any major or if you’ve not yet declared a major.

I don’t have any organizing experience. Can I still apply?

Yes. We are looking for a diverse group of students. In the past, intern classes have included a broad mix of students who are dedicated and passionate about social justice with no organizing experience and students who have lots of leadership experience either on their campus or with community-based organizations and labor unions.

If I applied last year and did not get in can I apply again?


Time Conflicts

My program requires I participate in an internship that is longer than eight weeks. Can you accommodate this requirement?

Students with specific requirements or needs for their program, please contact Kineshia Cadogan at

I have to take a summer school class/LSAT prep class. Can I still do the internship?

This paid internship is 40 hours a week. Hours fluctuate based on the activities of your host site. You may be assigned to work evenings or weekend hours if needed. We are seeking students who will make the internship program their priority for the summer. We discourage students from taking on additional responsibilities while participating in the program. It’s also been our experience that many interns have volunteered additional hours in order to get a rounded understanding of the work they are doing.

I have to attend a conference/wedding/etc. Can I leave for a few days?

If you need to miss more than one day of the internship, indicate this on your application. If selected, we will need to get approval from your placement site. If the conference is related to social justice issues, expect to prepare a report-back on the conference for other Labor Summer participants.

What if I cannot stay for the entire eight-week session?

Interns are expected to be available for the entire eight weeks. If you are not available for the period in its entirety, your application will not be considered.

Do we have any days off over the summer?

The internship is full time. Your host site will determine your hours based on the needs of the campaign. You may be required to work evenings and/or weekends. July 4th is a paid holiday.

Financial Considerations

SUMMER financial aid recipients: Students who are receiving financial aid during the summer are at risk of having their Labor Summer payment intercepted by the financial aid office and applied towards any monies borrowed. Please contact the financial aid office if you have any further questions.

Graduate and Doctoral Students: if you are receiving grant funding, scholarship or fellowship monies, we may need to go through additional steps to process your pay. Please note this on your application as we may need extra time to process your eligibility and benefit by beginning the process early.