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CWR cover New 2013 Update and e-Book!
California Workers' Rights: A Manual of Job Rights, Protections and Remedies
Fourth edition with a new 2013 update by David A. Rosenfeld, Miles E. Locker, and Nina G. Fendel.

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Just Updated!
Work, Money and Power: Unions in the 21st Century
by Fred Glass, California Federation of Teachers, AFT/AFL-CIO

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Eyes on the Fries
Young Workers in the Service Economy
A film by Casey Peek and Jeremy Blasi

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Winning at Work
English for Workers' Rights
by Warren Mar and Alison Webber

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"Hey, the Boss Just Called Me Into the Office"
The Weingarten Decision and the Right to Representation on the Job

New fourth edition just released! Updated and revised by David Rosenfeld, Caren Sencer, and Jannah V. Manansala. 2011

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