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Institute for Research on Labor and Employment

Labor Center Staff

Ken Jacobs, Chair

Steven Pitts, Associate Chair

Annette Bernhardt, Visiting Researcher

Miranda Dietz, Research Data Analyst

Dave Graham-Squire, Research Associate

Jessica Halpern-Finnerty, Policy Analyst

Teresa Jackson, Office and Program Assistant

Clementina Jara, Program Coordinator

Saru Jayaraman, Director, Food Labor Research Center

Sarah Lawton, Development Coordinator

Laurel Lucia, Policy Analyst

Jenifer MacGillvary, Publications and Production Coordinator

Sandra Olgeirson, Communications Coordinator

Karen Orlando, Associate Labor Specialist

Ian Perry, Research and Data Analyst

Katie Quan, Senior Labor Specialist

Megan Emiko Scott, Policy Analyst

Carol Zabin, Director of Research


Center for Labor Research and Education
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Berkeley, CA 94720-5555
TEL (510) 642-0323    FAX (510) 642-6432

A public service and outreach program of the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment