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Test Student LS Application


Over 18:

Rising Junior, Senior or Grad Student:

Enrollment Status:

What university/college are you from:

Enrolled major or program:

Available for labor in Summer:

Work, classes, study courses this summer:

Internship time constraints:

Willing to make the internship priority:

What is your current academic level:

Anticipated graduating semester:

Where will you be living this summer:

Are you willing to relocate:

Access to a car on a daily basis:

Do you have a valid driver's license:

Language 1:

Language 1 Skill Level:

Language 2:

Language 2 Skill Level:

If other, please state language:



Track(s) applying for:

First choice of track:

How did you hear about Labor Summer:

Internship motivation and hopes:

Were you inspired:

Classes/Professors who have inspired you:

Off Campus economic/social justice work:

Description of work and experience:

Have you ever held a job:

Description of job and experience:

Labor Union representation:

Description of Labor Union experience:

Role unions play in our society:

Internship hopes and goals:

Coordinated or worked on big event:

Description of event:

Proficiency with Software Programs:

Applied Research and Policy Track:

Describe research project(s):

Experience using search engines:

Description of search engines:

Experience with data:

Description of data experience:

Statistical analysis experience:

Description of Statistical Analysis:

Experience using SPSS or STATA:

Description of SPSS or STATA:

Experience with large data sets:

Description of large data set experience:

Interested in continuation of Internship: