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Tools you can use on Labor Day

Tools you can use on Labor Day

INTERACTIVE MAP: Public Assistance Expenditures for Working Families by State

Public Cost Map 2015
Select any state in this interactive map to see how much federal and state money is going to working families for public assistance programs in that state. For more information see the report The High Public Cost of Low Wages.

Inventory of Local Minimum Wage Ordinances (Cities and Counties)

Keep track of the growing number of local minimum wage laws, their wage levels, and other ordinance details in this easy-to-use spreadsheet.

This tool will be updated regularly as new laws are passed.

Low-Wage Work in California: 2014 Chartbook

We document California’s low-wage jobs problem in this chartbook, which defines and measures the rate of low-wage work in the state, gives a profile of low-wage workers and their jobs, details the industries and occupations with the biggest number of low-wage workers, and provides maps with county breakdowns.