National and Local Black Worker Centers

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The National Black Worker Center Project is a network among existing and developing Black worker centers; the Labor Center provides technical assistance for the Project in the form of labor market research and strategic planning.

National Black Worker Center Project
E-mail address:

Black workers face a racialized political economy in which they are exploited because of their race and their class. As the Project grows and matures, each local Black Worker Center will develop unique ways to reflect how Black workers are impacted by the local racialized political economy. However, certain overarching principles shall guide the work:

The Basic Mission of the National Black Worker Center Project:

  • To support and incubate Black worker centers that empower Black workers to advance their rights and improve the quality of jobs in key employment sectors;
  • To provide education about the impacts of low-wage work and unemployment on Black communities; and
  • To prevent racial discrimination in hiring and other employment practices and policies

Local Black Worker Centers

Local centers develop organized power and authentic grassroots leadership among Black workers (unionized, nonunion, immigrant, formerly incarcerated, youth, and the unemployed) and the extended community. The centers’ key strategies are leadership development of workers, research, organizing, and building strategic alliances between the labor movement and the Black community. As a result of its activities, the centers seek to promote economic and racial justice, peace, and prosperity by eliminating poverty wage employment and developing policies and corporate practices that perpetuate equality in the labor market.

Baltimore Black Worker Center

Phone Number: 443-836-8190
E-mail address:

Los Angeles Black Worker Center
Phone Number: 323-752-7287
E-mail address:
Mailing Address: 5350 S Crenshaw Boulevard Los Angeles CA 90043

ONE DC Black Worker Center
Phone Number: 202-232-2915
E-mail Address:
Mailing Address: 614 S St NW, Carriage House, Washington, DC 20001

Worker Center for Racial Justice
Phone Number: 312-361-1161 ext 201
E-mail Address:
Mailing Address: 500 East 61st Street, Unit B Chicago, IL 60637