Labor Summer Internship Application

Section I: Basic Information

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* Enrolled major or program:

* What is your current academic level:

* Anticipated graduating semester:

* Are you over 18:

* Are you a Rising Junior, Senior or Grad Student?

Language 1:

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Language 2 Skill Level:

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* Track(s) applying for (select one or both):

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* Are you currently enrolled in classes this semester/quarter or will you be enrolled in classes in the Fall 2021?

Section II: Eligibility and Availability

* Do you plan on working, taking classes, taking study courses, etc. this summer?

* Do you have any time constraints that would prevent you from committing 40 hours a week to the internship program over the summer?

* Are you willing to make the internship a priority this summer?

* Where Will You be Living this summer?:

* If COVID conditions allow, would you be willing to relocate if your placement site is too far to commute (with ample notice and in compliance with CDC guidelines

* Will you have a car for the summer that you would be willing to use if needed and allowed by CDC guidelines?

* Do you have a valid driver’s license:

* How did you hear about Labor Summer:

* What motivated you to apply for this internship?

* Have you taken classes or studied with professors that have sparked your interest in learning more about the labor movement?

Please tell us about the classes/professors that have inspired you:

* Have you participated in off Campus economic/social justice work?

Please elaborate on your work/experience and what you learned from it:

* Have you ever held a job?

If yes, please describe what your experience as a worker was like. What were the most common workplace issues that the majority of the workers faced?

* Have you, or anyone you know, been represented by a labor union or worked somewhere when workers tried to organize a union?

If yes, please describe what you took away from the experience:

* What role do you think unions play in our society today?

* How does this internship fit into your future plans? How do you hope this internship will help your academic goals or career trajectory?

Section V: Short Answer Questions – Organizing Track

Please write between 1-3 paragraphs per question.

Have you ever coordinated or worked on big event:

Description of event:

Have you recruited people to an event or to taking action on something?

Description of recruitment:

Do you have experience doing cold calls or phone banking?

Digital organizing software experience:

Section VI: Short Answer Questions – Research Track

Please write between 1-3 paragraphs per question.

Given an example of a research project you’ve worked on. Describe the project, what your role was, and the methods you used.

Do you have experience working with large datasets?:

Description of large dataset experience (including software used):

Do you have experience doing statistical analysis?

If yes, please describe a project that you worked on and what type of statistical analysis you performed.

Experience using SPSS or STATA:

Description of SPSS or STATA:

Do you have experience doing legislative research and/or looking at government budgets?

Description of legislative research or government budget experience:

Final questions

If given the opportunity, are you interested in continuing this internship beyond the required 8-weeks?

Will you be looking for full-time employment after the internship?: