Labor Summer Internship Application

Please complete the following application and upload your resume as a pdf labeled with your First and Last Name and Academic Level. Applications without a resume will NOT be considered.

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Section I: Basic Information

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We provide meals during orientation week. Please specify any dietary restrictions or allergies you may have.

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* How did you hear about Labor Summer:

Language Skills
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Demographic information
Please help us understand how we are doing on equity and inclusion in our outreach. Filling this out will not impact your acceptance into our program. Labor Summer welcomes participation from people of all races, ethnicities, national origins, and gender identities.

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Section II: Eligibility and Availability

* What term do you anticipate graduating? (e.g. Spring 2023)

* Are you currently enrolled in classes, or will you be enrolled in classes in Fall 2023?

* Will this internship fulfill any academic or program requirements? If yes, please describe.

* Because of the nature of the intensive programming, we discourage other commitments during the summer. Do you have any time constraints (summer classes, a part-time job) that would prevent you from committing 40 hours per week to the internship program over the summer?

* Will you be looking for full-time employment after the internship?

* If given the opportunity, are you interested in continuing this internship beyond the required 8-weeks?

* Will you be at least 18 years old by May 20, 2023?

Section III: Housing & Transportation

* Where Will You be Living this summer?Where Will You be Living?:

If you selected other, please tell us where you’ll be living:

* Would you be willing to relocate if your placement site is too far to commute and requires in-person work?

* Do you have access to a car that you could use for the internship if needed?

* Do you have a valid driver’s license?

* We are planning for an in-person program. However, in the event that we must be remote or do a hybrid program, do you have access to stable wifi, a computer, and a phone for the duration of the summer?

Section IV: Resume

Applications without a resume will NOT be considered. In order for your resume to be reviewed and considered the document name needs to be your “First and Last Name and Academic Level.” Failure to do so will render your application incomplete.

Please upload your resume:

Section V: Short Answer Questions

Please answer the following short answer questions. We recommend your responses be 250-500 words each.

* What motivated you to apply to this internship? Why do you think you are a good fit for the Labor Summer program?

* How does this internship fit into your future plans? How do you hope this internship will help your academic goals or career trajectory?

* Have you taken classes or studied with professors that have sparked your interest in learning more about the labor movement?

Please tell us about the classes/professors that have inspired you:

* Have you had a job before?

If yes, please describe what your experience as a worker was like. What were the most common workplace issues that the majority of the workers faced?

* Have you, or anyone you know, been represented by a labor union or worked somewhere when workers tried to organize a union?

If yes, please tell us about that.

* What role do you think unions play in society?

* Have you been involved with any organizing or activism, either on-campus or off-campus?

If yes, please describe your experience.

* Do you have any specific interests or skills you’d like to develop this summer?:

Section VI: Short Answer Questions – Organizing Track

Please answer the following short answer questions. We recommend your responses be 250-500 words each.

Are you involved with any student groups, if so which ones and what is your role?

Do you have any experience in organizing around social justice issues on campus or in your community?

If so, please describe your experience with social justice work:

Have you planned an event? (Teach-in, rally, student group meeting, panel, etc).

If yes, please describe the event, what your role was, what tasks you performed, and how the event turned out.

Have you recruited people to attend an event, take an action, sign a petition, etc?

If yes, please explain how you approached the conversation and how you convinced the person to commit.

Do you have experience doing cold calls, phone banking, or door knocking?

If yes, please describe your experience with cold calls, etc.

Do you have experience with any these digital organizing software?

If you selected other, please describe other organizing software you’ve used:

Section VII: Short Answer Questions – Research Track

Please answer the following short answer questions. We recommend your responses be 250-500 words each.

Tell us about a research project you have worked on. Describe the project, your role, and the specific methods you used.

Do you have have experience doing legislative research and/or looking at governmental budgets?

If yes, please describe your legislative research or government budget experience:

Do you have experience using public, private, or academic databases (e.g. to locate information or pull data sets)?

If yes, please describe which databases you have used and how you have used them.

Do you have experience working with large datasets?:

If yes, please describe a large data set you have worked with and the program(s) you used to manage it.

Do you have experience doing statistical analysis?

If yes, please describe a project that you worked on and what type of statistical analysis you performed.

Please answer the following questions using this scale:
No Experience – I have never used the program
Beginner – I use the program rarely but would need guidance for basic operations
Intermediate – I use the program sometimes but would need guidance for advanced operations
Advanced – I use the program often and would need little/no guidance for advanced operations

Excel proficiency scale:

R proficiency scale:

SPSS proficiency scale:

STATA proficiency scale:

The UC Berkeley Labor Center will also host an Alternative Spring Break program called “Solidarity Spring” this Spring 2023. This program is predominantly for Freshman, Sophomores, and Transfer Students interested in gaining a hands-on service learning experience to learn and engage with the Bay Area labor movement. Are you interested in receiving information to apply to Solidarity Spring when the application is released in early Spring 2023? Contact Bahaar Tadjbakhsh at for more information or questions.
Yes, please send me information on Solidarity Spring: