Skills to Win Application

The application is due Feb. 6, 2021. Applicants will be notified of their status by Feb. 13, 2021.

Organizations are required to send at least 20 people who are working together on or planning a campaign and must provide one facilitator per group of 20. Individuals will not be accepted to the program.

Please contact Program Coordinator Kirsten Bottles Willer at or 360-630-3021 if you have any questions.

Point Person Contact Information

This is a person who will serve as the organizer of their group. We will contact them to provide information about Skills to Win, with the expectation that they will provide this information to their group.

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Program Fees

The Skills to Win fee is $1500 per organization. If the fee poses a problem for your organization, please contact Kirsten Bottles Willer at to discuss payment and scholarship options.

* Billing Contact Name:

* Billing Contact Phone:

* Billing Email Address:

Getting to know your organization

* Who are your facilitators? Please list names, emails, phone numbers:

* What role(s) do your facilitators play in your organization (e.g. member, paid staff, elected leader in the organization, etc):

* It is required that your facilitators be able to access a Zoom Pro account. Can you ensure that your facilitators have access to a Zoom Pro (or higher) account or will have one in time for the training?

* What do you hope to gain from this training?

Will you need any language translation for the program? If so, please list the language(s)?

Getting to know your work

* Please describe the campaign(s) your team is working on:

* What is the industry, sector, or issue area of the campaign?

* What is the geographical scope of the campaign?

If other, please describe:

* Please describe the workers, member leaders, and/or base to be involved:

* What is the goal of the campaign? How will you know that you have won?

* If the campaign has begun, please describe the progress towards the goal so far.

* What is the participation rate in the campaign among your members? Do you track this, and if so, how? What is your goal for numbers participating?