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The Labor Center Green Economy Program conducts research on issues of job creation, quality, access, and training in the emergent green economy. In addition, we provide research and technical assistance to state agencies, labor, and other stakeholders who are engaged in developing and implementing policy related to energy and climate change in California and nationally.

Research & Publications

Press Coverage

Legal Planet

The Energy Transition and the Working Clas

The more recent Inflation Reduction Act provides upwards of $370 billion in incentives for clean energy projects. The incentives are structured to encourage domestic production of various clean tech products.

NBC Bay Area

What Happens When a Refinery Closes

A pair of researchers looked at what happened after the marathon refinery closed in 2020.345 people lost their jobs. The researchers found that while about 75% of the workers found new jobs. Raj Mathai speaks with UC Irvine professor Dr. Virginia Parks, who is one of the researchers on this project.

Program Contact

Francisco Arzú

Co-Director, Green Economy Program

Jessie HF Hammerling

Co-Director, Green Economy Program

Carol Zabin

Senior Advisor on the Green Economy