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The Labor Center Green Economy Program conducts research on issues of job creation, quality, access, and training in the emergent green economy. In addition, we provide research and technical assistance to state agencies, labor, and other stakeholders who are engaged in developing and implementing policy related to energy and climate change in California and nationally.

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Climate Law’s Labor Bonuses Could Clear California Obstacle to Clean Energy

“There’s up to five times the level of incentives for paying prevailing wages and using apprenticeships on clean-energy construction projects,” according to Jessie Hammerling, co-director of the Green Economy program at the University of California, Berkeley, Labor Center. “Businesses willing to invest are well positioned to take over the new work.”

San Francisco Building and Construction Trades Council

Inflation Reduction Act Incentivizes Prevailing Wages, Union Jobs

“All these new jobs that are going to be created [in] actually implementing the work needed to respond to climate change and shift our economy away from fossil fuels are jobs that we want to be good jobs, union jobs, and well-paid jobs with good career pathways,” Hammerling said. “It’s giving the building trades the opportunity to be at the center of building the clean energy economy.”

Program Contact

Francisco Arzu

Co-Director, Green Economy Program

Jessie HF Hammerling

Co-Director, Green Economy Program

Carol Zabin

Senior Advisor on the Green Economy