Contemporary Labor Issues Graduate Seminar

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Contemporary Labor Issues: Challenges and Innovation in Labor Policy

Public Policy 290-018: Graduate Seminar
Course number: 32660
Schedule: Monday 10:00am-12:00pm
Location: Online

This applied research and project-based seminar offers students the opportunity to develop and hone applied research skills that can shape campaigns to improve the lives of working families. In partnership with local labor unions and worker organizations, we will address priority questions that have emerged in ongoing organizing and advocacy campaigns. Students will work hands-on with existing data sets or engage in primary data collection, with training and guidance in the application of data science tools to support workers’ interests in the Bay Area. The specific campaigns, to be identified by our community partners, are likely to address the affordable housing crisis, future of work and workers, and immigration. The class will culminate in presentations of findings, analyses, and policy recommendations to key community stakeholders and policymakers. Through a combination of lectures, key readings, and active participation in a “live” research initiative, students will develop an understanding of the current challenges that the labor movement in California faces and contribute to innovative policy advocacy and political action.