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Transitions: Blue-Collar Green Jobs

A University of California, Berkeley, Labor Center report out Wednesday measures the state’s progress so far, finding California has put in high labor standards for large, publicly funded construction projects such as utility-scale solar and multifamily housing development.

Philadelphia Inquirer

UAW strike is exposing the fraud that GOP is the party of the working class – Philadelphia Inquirer

“When looking at these strikes that have been happening recently, it becomes very clear where their loyalties lie and their priorities lie,” Ken Jacobs told me about the modern GOP. “Some Republican commentators have argued that Republicans should find a way to be more a party of the working class, but when you dig down into their proposals, they are still anti-union or anti-working people.”

New York Times

Tech Fears Are Showing Up on Picket Lines

“If technologies are not developed with the user in mind, they often fail,” said Lisa Kresge, a research and policy associate at the University of California Berkeley Labor Center, who has written about union responses to technology.

Express Healthcare Management

Californians in Medical Settings Could See Significant Minimum Wage Increase

According to a report by the UC Berkeley Labor Center, nearly half of the workers expected to benefit from the wage increase are Latino, and 75% are women.


Autoworkers Prepare to Strike for a Place in the EV Future

An April study from UC Berkeley titled “Fossil Fuel Layoff” found that unionized workers who lost their jobs when a California oil refinery closed mostly found new work, but it was often lower-paying with poorer working conditions. The researchers say potential solutions include cash payouts for transitioning workers and targeted training for new jobs in specific industries.


New Ag Truck Driving Report

A new report from the UC Berkeley Labor Center finds that among other things during the pandemic, there was not a shortage of people interested in truck driving back in 2021. Instead the industry faced challenges with retaining drivers, with high turnover for long distance haulers.

RELEASE: Ensuring the Supply of Agricultural Truck Drivers: What the State of California Can Do

This report provides the first in-depth look at the labor market for agricultural truck drivers in California and the first study of this workforce anywhere in the U.S. in almost 30 years. It finds that, while there is not a shortage of people interested in truck driving, the industry faces challenges with retaining drivers, with turnover being especially high for long-haul drivers.

RELEASE: Fossil fuel layoff: The economic and employment effects of a refinery closure on workers in the Bay Area

A new report from the University of California Berkeley Labor Center released Wednesday documents the difficult post-layoff job search and working conditions of hundreds of California fossil fuel workers in the aftermath of the 2020 closure of the Marathon Martinez oil refinery in Contra Costa County, providing an illuminating case study of the perils and needs of workers in the nation’s changing energy landscape.

Nov 14
Application deadline: Friday, October 6, 2023

Lead Organizer Training

This four-day, in-person workshop is offered to individuals in labor and community-based organizations who are lead organizers and want to strengthen their skills in effectively managing their team.

Nov 16

Labor Social

Join labor leaders, educators, researchers, and students in a meet-and-greet gathering at the UC Berkeley Labor Center.