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Will Robots Replace Humans At Amazon?

A 2019 study by the University of California’s Labor Center at Berkeley warned that while some technologies can alleviate arduous warehouse tasks, they could also contribute to increasing the “workload and pace of work.”

Capital & Main

How Millions of Gig Workers Could Be Impacted by a New Labor Rule

Under Biden’s proposed rule, “There is a very strong case that gig workers are misclassified,” Jacobs wrote in an email to Capital & Main. “The proposed rule would make it easier to prove misclassification in industries with a long history of misclassification, like janitorial, trucking and construction.”

Yahoo News

California’s largest teachers union has more on its mind than education

CTA’s spending follows an ideological shift within education labor that organizers say began shortly after the mortgage crisis and Great Recession, in which millions of families lost their homes and schools suffered deep budget cuts. Over that span, a more “progressively-minded” CTA has emerged, said Jane McAlevey, an organizer and negotiator who has worked for local teachers unions over the last dozen years.

Los Angeles Times

Covered California open enrollment begins. What to know about signing up, subsidies and more

According to estimates by UCLA and UC Berkeley, Altman said, almost half a million Californians have employer-sponsored coverage that is less affordable than what they will be able to obtain now on Covered California. An additional 87,000 Californians who could be helped by the new rule are uninsured today, and about 35,000 have policies that aren’t currently subsidized.

HR Dive

Surveillance, AI tech may violate labor laws, NLRB general counsel says

The memo cited a variety of research, legal cases and news stories on the subject. One citation is a 2021 report from researchers at the University of California at Berkeley Labor Center that detailed the use of data and algorithms to analyze worker productivity, automate hiring processes and monitor activity.

Current Affairs

The Boss is Watching

As Kresge observes, unions in the U.S. are currently in the throes of negotiating for limitations on how data can be used by employers and against the unnecessary uses of countless surveillance technologies in the workplace


Will California Really Implement A $22 Minimum Wage?

“Likely outcomes are improved wages for the 550,000 fast food workers in the state, greater worker voice in addressing working conditions in the industry, and reductions in injury and violence on the job,” Ken Jacobs says.


Report: New technologies threaten hospital jobs and working conditions

Tech’s effects on job quality — including wages and working conditions — should be as much of a concern for employers as its effects on the total number of jobs available. That’s the conclusion of a new report released by the UC Berkeley Labor Center on how and why employers in key industries are deploying new technologies, and what effects these changes could have on workers.

RELEASE: Technological change in five industries: Threats to jobs, wages, and working conditions

The UC Berkeley Labor Center has released a report on how and why employers in key industries are deploying new technologies, and what effects these changes could have on workers. The report, “Technological change in five industries: Threats to jobs, wages, and working conditions,” synthesizes the findings from studies released by the Labor Center and Working Partnerships USA from 2018 to 2022. The report concludes that technology’s effects on job quality – like wages and working conditions – should be just as big of a concern as its effects on the total number of jobs available.

UC Berkeley Labor Center

RELEASE: Understanding the Financial Status, Cost, and Sustainability of Public Pensions in Marin County

Designed as a resource for policymakers and journalists, this brief explains how public pension costs are calculated and funded, and explains how reforms adopted by CalPERS, CalSTRS, and MCERA have put the systems on stronger footing in recent years. This is the second of three briefs in the Marin Public Pension Series.

UC Berkeley Labor Center

RELEASE: California’s Labor Market Two Years Into the Pandemic – 2022 Chartbook

Today, the UC Berkeley Labor Center released an update to its data tool, “California’s Labor Market Two Years into the Pandemic: 2022 Chartbook.” The chartbook provides researchers, policymakers, journalists, and the public with an in-depth look at the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on workers and the labor market in California based on the most recently available data.

Job Opening: Lead Policy Researcher (Associate/Full Specialist), Technology and Work Program

The 2022 UC Berkeley Labor Center Practitioner in Residence provides an opportunity for practitioners to carry out research, reflect on their experience, write, and engage on the strategic issues that face worker organizations in the state. The program is designed for mid-career practitioners who have built experience through their work and are looking for a time to reflect before the next chapter in their career.

Jan 14
Application deadline: December 6

C.L. Dellums African American Leadership School

The goal of the C.L. Dellums African American Leadership School is to train union and community members active in the Black community so they can strengthen relationships between the Black community and the labor movement.