Organizations Working on Minimum Wage and Living Wage

UC Berkeley Labor Center

National Employment Law Project (NELP)
NELP promotes policies and programs that create good jobs, strengthen upward mobility, enforce hard-won worker rights, and help unemployed workers regain their economic footing. See NELP’s new website, Raise the Minimum Wage, for the latest research, resources, and news on minimum wage.

Economic Policy Institute (EPI)
This think tank seeks to broaden the public debate about strategies to achieve a prosperous and fair economy. Current focal points include Jobs and Unemployment; Minimum Wage; and Wages, Incomes, and Wealth. Older work on the living wage can be found by searching the phrase “living wage” within the website.

Political Economy Research Institute (PERI)
Housed at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, PERI focuses one of its programs on Labor Markets, Wages & Poverty. The website contains several research reports on living wage laws and their effects.

Brennan Center for Justice
Located at NYU School of Law, the Brennan Center helped the living wage movement with legal and technical assistance. Though no longer one of its main issues, a website search of the term “living wage” brings up pages of documents, legal briefs, articles, and a model living wage bill.

Los Angeles Alliance for the New Economy (LAANE)
LAANE works to build a new economy based on good jobs, thriving communities, and a healthy environment.

Good Jobs First
A resource center for those seeking to make economic development subsidies more accountable and effective, including by tying them to the creation of well-paying jobs.