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About Brad

Brad Hirn is an organizer who believes in building unions at work and at home. Since December 2016, he has served as a lead organizer at Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco, a long-standing tenants’ rights organization in San Francisco. Through his work at HRCSF, Brad has created a model for using disciplined structure-based organizing methods when organizing renting-class people.

Much of Brad’s work focuses on organizing with tenants living under large, corporate landlords, including the Veritas Tenants Association (VTA), the statewide tenant union for renters living in buildings operated by one of California’s largest landlords, Veritas Investments. Together with VTA members, Brad helped pass the landmark Union-At-Home ordinance in San Francisco, the country’s first legal framework for extending collective-bargaining rights to private-market tenants.

Brad’s work at the Labor Center will focus on putting together his years of organizing experience into a collection of insights, arguments, and methods for building majority-based, strike-ready tenant unions that are uniquely positioned to address the affordability crisis impacting poor and working-class people across the country.