Jessie HF

Co-Director, Green Economy Program

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Green Economy

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About Jessie HF

Jessie HF Hammerling is the co-director of the Green Economy program at the Labor Center. Her work examines the impacts of climate change and clean energy policy on workers and communities. She works in collaboration with government, industry, unions, and community stakeholders to develop strategies for fighting climate change that lead to quality jobs and equitable outcomes. In prior years, Dr. Hammerling worked with the Labor Center’s Technology and Work program, where she led research on how employers are using new technologies in the workplace, and developed new training for unions on these topics. Other areas of work have included research on outsourcing, financialization, and food systems. Prior to joining the Labor Center, she worked at COWS in Madison, Wisconsin. Dr. Hammerling holds a Ph.D. in geography from UC Davis and a master’s degree in international public affairs from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.