Director, Labor-Management Partnerships Program

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Labor-Management Partnerships Program

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Labor-Management Partnerships
Workforce Development and Worker-Centered Training
Nonprofit Leadership

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About Pamela

Pamela Egan is one of the most experienced leaders in the field of labor-management training partnership efforts in the nation, with 27 years of working inside labor-focused workforce development organizations. In her early career she worked for the Working for America Institute, the AFL-CIO’s workforce and economic development department, as well as other labor-focused workforce development organizations. She worked her way up to serve in principal leadership positions in the innovative and nationally recognized Culinary Academy of Las Vegas, managing Taft-Hartley trust fund, state and federal workforce development grants, and many other funding sources. This academy has trained thousands of low-wage workers in the hospitality industry, leading to significant wage and income improvements and authentic career paths for a largely immigrant, female, Latinx workforce. Pam’s recent consulting work includes labor-management partnerships in the hospitality, construction, health care, and nonprofit sectors in Las Vegas, Miami, and Los Angeles.

As the director of the Labor-Management Partnerships Program at the Labor Center, Pam helps shape the trainings and other supports that will be provided to labor and management leaders in industries interested in developing, deepening, or expanding labor-management industry training partnerships. She works with unions and the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency to create trainings and other resources to develop new partnerships, build the capacity in unions to implement labor-management partnerships, and grow a new generation of practitioner/leaders who carry out this work.