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California Workers' Rights: A Manual of Job Rights, Protections and Remedies

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Korey Capozza

First Dollar Coverage for Chronic Disease Care: Can it Save Money and Improve Patient Outcomes?

Benefit-based interventions to address chronic disease compliance generally involve one of two approaches. The most common strategy is to exempt classes of drugs from copayments or coinsurance; a less tested strategy is to exempt classes of patients (i.e., diabetics) from cost sharing. Do such interventions improve health outcomes, and do they save money?

Arindrajit Dubeand Ken Jacobs

Impact of Health Benefit Reductions in the Unionized Grocery Sector in California

Using actuarial and membership data, we documented changes in the rates of health care eligibility, enrollment, and coverage, and in workforce turnover
and demographics from 2003 to 2006. Based on our survey responses, we compared differences between incumbent workers and new hires with regard to access to and utilization of health care.