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California Workers' Rights: A Manual of Job Rights, Protections and Remedies

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Miranda Dietz, Srikanth Kadiyalaand Laurel Lucia

Extending Covered California subsidies to DACA recipients would fill coverage gap for 40,000 Californians

In April, the Biden Administration announced a proposed rule that would allow an estimated 40,000 uninsured DACA recipients in California access to subsidized health coverage through Covered California. This fills an important gap in health coverage options, but it renders access to Covered California contingent on DACA status—which itself is at risk of being overturned by the courts.

Laurel Lucia

Towards Universal Health Coverage: Expanding Medi-Cal to Low-Income Undocumented Adults

Expanding Medi-Cal to all adults would reduce the number of uninsured in the state by up to one-quarter, potentially newly insuring more than one million Californians. This expansion could improve access to preventive and routine care and improve financial security for those who enroll, in addition to potentially improving worker productivity for those who become newly insured.

Miranda Dietz, Ken Jacobsand Laurel Lucia

Hundreds of Thousands of Californians could Gain Health Insurance if Supreme Court Upholds Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration

In California, the Supreme Court’s decision would not only clear the way for improved work opportunities and wages, reductions in child poverty, and greater peace of mind for families, but it also would expand access to comprehensive health insurance for many.

Miranda Dietz, Nadereh Pourat, Max W. Hadler, Laurel Lucia, Dylan H. Robyand Ken Jacobs

Affordability and Eligibility Barriers Remain for California’s Uninsured

This brief examines the characteristics of the uninsured and the reasons for remaining uninsured among the undocumented who are ineligible for coverage under the ACA due to their immigration status, and the citizens and lawfully present immigrants who are eligible for coverage but did not enroll.

Laurel Lucia, Xiao Chen, Ken Jacobsand Nadereh Pourat

Health Insurance and Demographics of California Immigrants Eligible for Deferred Action

Chapter from Daniel J.B. Mitchell (editor), California Policy Options 2016, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. Discusses the health insurance status, Medi-Cal eligibility, and demographics of California immigrants eligible for the original and the expanded DACA programs and for DAPA.

Claire D. Brindis, Ken Jacobs, Laurel Lucia, Nadereh Pourat, Marissa Raymond-Flesch, Rachel Siemonsand Efrain Talamantes

Realizing the Dream for Californians Eligible for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA): Health Needs and Access to Health Care

This report describes the common sources of care, barriers to care, and health needs for DACA-eligible Californians, and presents potential solutions for health care providers, community-based organizations, and private and public funders to improve health and access to care.