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California Workers' Rights: A Manual of Job Rights, Protections and Remedies

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Laurel Lucia

Many California family child care providers will now be better able to afford health care

This blog post outlines the assistance offered by the recently-established Child Care Providers United California Workers Health Care Fund, summarizes recent findings from a David Binder Research/ California Health Care Foundation survey that underscore the need for this new health care investment for family child care providers, and discusses how the program will improve affordability for providers and benefit California as a whole.

Ken Jacobsand Sarah Thomason

Comments on Rule Proposed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Prohibiting Homecare Workers from Making Paycheck Deductions for Union Dues

The ability of homecare workers to choose to join a union and have dues deducted from their pay has led to important improvements in an industry historically marked by low wages and high worker turnover. The proposed rule would not only harm workers, it would have a deleterious effect on care quality and undermine the objective of home and community based services of providing seniors and people with disabilities a viable alternative to institutional settings.

Sarah Thomason, Lea Austin, Annette Bernhardt, Ken Jacobsand Marcy Whitebook

At the Wage Floor: Covering Homecare and Early Care and Education Workers in the New Generation of Minimum Wage Laws

These workers provide a critical (but too often unrecognized) public good; as such, we argue that a significant public investment is a necessary part of the solution, both to deliver minimum wage increases to these workers and to cover the significant unmet need for care.

Sarah Thomasonand Annette Bernhardt

Estimating the Cost of Raising Child Care Workers’ Wages for State Subsidy Programs: A Methodology Applied to California’s New State Minimum Wage Law

we describe a methodology we have developed for estimating the additional child care subsidy funding needed to cover the cost of a state minimum wage increase for programs administered by the California Department of Education (CDE) and the Department of Social Services through the CalWORKs 1 (Welfare to Work) program.

Eileen Boris

Workforce Needs in California’s Homecare System

This paper, funded by the California Policy Research Center, was written by a multidisciplinary team of UC researchers from the California Homecare Research Working Group, who analyzed current studies that evaluate long-term care workforce needs in order to improve service delivery, with a particular emphasis on IHSS. Based on current research, we analyze the implications of the proposed cuts on the capacity of IHSS to provide quality care.

Candace Howes

The Impact of a Large Wage Increase on the Workforce Stability of IHSS Home Care Workers in San Francisco County

This report records the impact of the nearly doubling of wages for IHSS homecare workers in San Francisco County over a 52-month period. The project is based on a unique database, which matches approximately 18,000 San Francisco County homecare workers in 26,115 unique matches to 15,500 service recipients between November 1997 and February 2002.