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The Labor Center conducts research on unions and worker organizations and how they affect the lives of working people. This research has included the effects of unions on workers’ wages and benefits, how that differs by race, ethnicity and gender, and the role of unions in shaping public policy. The Center analyzes state and local policies that support worker voice on the job and the ability of workers to organize. We also study the effectiveness of organizing and bargaining strategies and methods.

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    ChangeMaker Chats

    Jane McAlevey – ChangeMaker Chats

    For unionists, her work is well known – and this episode is a joyous journey into how she came to this approach, and how that approach works. For others in the climate movement or racial justice movements – this is a useful introduction to what Jane means by organising, how it is different to mobilising and some of its crucial features.


    Will PRO Act Provisions Survive Budget Reconciliation?

    Ken Jacobs, chair of the UC Berkeley Labor Center, said that in deciding on the provisions, the parliamentarian should take into account economic studies and analytical gauges such as dynamic scoring, which considers the macroeconomic effects of policy changes on revenue.

    The Guardian

    The Guardian view on Sharon Graham: a new boss reveals the state of the unions

    She owes much to Jane McAlevey, a US labour strategist who has indicated that she supports Unite’s new boss. Ms McAlevey says unions won’t expand their ranks with labour law reform. She told the New Yorker last year that “power for ordinary people can be built only by ordinary people standing up for themselves, with their own resources, in campaigns where they turn the prevailing dogma of individualism on their head”.