Unions & Worker Organizations

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The Labor Center conducts research on unions and worker organizations and how they affect the lives of working people. This research has included the effects of unions on workers’ wages and benefits, how that differs by race, ethnicity and gender, and the role of unions in shaping public policy. The Center analyzes state and local policies that support worker voice on the job and the ability of workers to organize. We also study the effectiveness of organizing and bargaining strategies and methods.

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Research & Publications

Press Coverage

Modern Retail

Why some REI unions are striking during its anniversary sale

Jaz Brisack, a practitioner in residence at the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education, said one-day actions aren’t necessarily going to play a role in stopping production or operations. “It has a different, extremely valuable aim, which is putting public pressure and attention on a company.”

California Labor Federation

Workforce Readiness Week

The UC Berkeley Labor Center estimates that workers covered by a union contract in California earn 12.9 percent more on average than non-union workers with similar demographic characteristics and working in similar industries.