C.L. Dellums African American Leadership School

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The goal of the C.L. Dellums African American Leadership School is to train union and community members active in the Black community so they can strengthen relationships between the Black community and the labor movement.

The 2019 program continued to focus on Black workers and the Black community in Contra Costa County. Economic growth in San Francisco and Oakland and the associated rise in inequality have driven many Black workers out of those cities and into Contra Costa County. The curriculum developed participants’ skills to understand the conditions of Black workers in the county, including the impact of mass incarceration, and support unions and other organizations who seek to address the problems of Black workers. Topics covered included: Organizing 101; the Political Economy in the East Bay; Civic Engagement; Conducting a Power Analysis; and Mass Incarceration and Criminal Justice Reform.

The C.L. Dellums Leadership School welcomes participation from people of all races, ethnicities, national origins, and gender identities.


Danielle Mahones

Director, Leadership Development Program


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