Skills to Win: Call for Facilitators

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Facilitator job description

Because Skills to Win is practice based, there will be small group breakouts within your organization–and at times across organizations–to practice and role play the skills covered in the class. To make this work, each team will have a facilitator to host the Zoom meetings and set up the exercises. The facilitator is responsible for getting folks into small group breakouts, doing small group exercises and homework together, and, generally, being sure all participants are clear about the exercises, what they are working on, how to find their materials, etc. It’s a really, really important role—without facilitators, we can’t do breakouts in any meaningful way.

What does the facilitator do?

  • Host the small group Zoom meeting on their own Zoom link and set up Zoom breakout rooms: we will provide training for anyone who needs technical training!
  • Introduce the small group activities and debrief the activities together.
  • Connect the curriculum in the class to your organization’s current work.
  • Communicate logistics and reminders about the training to your breakout group.
  • Problem solve with your participants if they run into issues with technology, missing a session, homework, etc.
  • Coordinate extra sessions to complete homework within your group.

What are the requirements to be a facilitator?

  • Committed to the goals and methods of the course.
  • Comfortable using breakout group functions in Zoom. Skills needed include ability to use auto breakouts, pre-selected breakouts, visiting breakout groups, moving through them, broadcast messages to groups. We will offer trainings on how to use the Zoom breakout function if you don’t have experience<.>
  • Facilitators must have or get a Pro-level account to manage breakouts.
  • Highly detail-orientated and well-organized to “drive the work” and answer basic questions from a sub-team of 20 people.
  • Reasonably confident at facilitating. Skills needed include knowing how to run a meeting, including setting objectives, keeping and minding time, politely and effectively cutting off people who dominate, drawing out those who don’t speak or participate, do light prep and follow up i.e. answer questions for their section.
  • Attend the 4-hour facilitator training in late February.
  • Attend additional 30-minute Zoom breakout practice if needed.
  • Update the email tracking sheet to log reminder emails send to your group.
  • Attend 45-minute facilitator debriefs after the first session and the last session.

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