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A limited number of scholarships are available to community-based organizations with an operational budget of $800,000 or less. Scholarships will be provided in the form of a reduced registration fee.

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Please help us understand how we are doing on equity and inclusion in our outreach. Filling this out will not affect your acceptance into our program. The Lead Organizer Training welcomes participation from people of all races, ethnicities, national origins, and gender identities.

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Labor Center Confidentiality Agreement.

Labor Center Workshop Confidentiality Agreement:
I understand that the 2023 Lead Organizer Training may use organizing campaigns in which other workshop participants are currently engaged as case studies for training and educational purposes. I also understand that information regarding details of those campaigns—including campaign objectives, strategies and tactics, and the identity of individuals working on the campaigns—are confidential and proprietary, and will be provided to me during the workshop in reliance on my agreement not to disclose them to unauthorized persons. By applying to participate in this workshop, I agree that I will not disclose information regarding the details of any organizing campaigns that I may learn as a result of my participation in the workshop to any person other than fellow workshop participants and staff.

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