Retirement Security

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The Labor Center conducts research on workers’ retirement prospects in the context of threats to Social Security, the decline of secure workplace pensions, and the shift to individual investment accounts like 401(k)s. We also assess state policies and proposals that aim to improve retirement security in California and nationally.

National- and state-level research on the crisis in retirement security.

Issues in public pension systems in California and other states.

Research & Publications

UC Berkeley Labor Center

RELEASE: Understanding the Financial Status, Cost, and Sustainability of Public Pensions in Marin County

Designed as a resource for policymakers and journalists, this brief explains how public pension costs are calculated and funded, and explains how reforms adopted by CalPERS, CalSTRS, and MCERA have put the systems on stronger footing in recent years. This is the second of three briefs in the Marin Public Pension Series.

Press Coverage

Los Angeles Daily News

Our older adults need a hand, not the back of a hand

By some measures, including a study from the U.C. Berkeley Labor Center, older-adult poverty in the Los Angeles area stands at nearly one in three seniors – the highest level in the state. Without aggressive intervention, this figure could mushroom further, because the “graying” population is forecast to double in size during the next 20 years.

Program Contact

Nari Rhee

Director, Retirement Security Program