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Miranda Dietzand Laurel Lucia

What’s at Stake for California Health Care Affordability in the Inflation Reduction Act?

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) currently being considered by Congress would improve health care affordability for many Californians by addressing high and rising drug prices and by extending the improved premium affordability assistance to Covered California enrollees that began in 2021. The extension of federal premium assistance would also unlock additional state-financed affordability help to reduce how much Covered California enrollees pay out-of-pocket when they access care.

Sep 29

Skills to Win

The Skills to Win Workshop is a six-week series for rank and file members and staff of unions, worker associations, worker centers, and community organizations that are embarking on, or in the midst of, organizing campaigns.

Vice Motherboard

Shifting America to Solar Power Is a Grueling, Low-Paid Job

“Solar companies like to think of themselves as not part of the construction industry and better because they’re fulfilling a renewable energy mission to address climate change,” said Carol Zabin. “But they can be just as bad employers. There’s a fair amount of the most egregious violations of basic protections.”

UC Berkeley Labor Center

Low-Wage Work in California Data Explorer

The Low-Wage Work in California Data Explorer provides users with graphics, tables, research summaries, interactive visualizations, and downloadable data. Use this site to explore a wide range of data on California’s low-wage workers: numbers of workers, demographics, job quality, occupations, industries, economic security indicators, geography, and more.