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Katie Quan
Senior Labor Specialist

Katie Quan is Associate Chair of the Labor Center, and has worked as a labor specialist at the Labor Center since 1998. Her areas of specialization are labor strategies in the global economy, policies that promote the rights of immigrant workers, and equity issues for women workers. Formerly chair of the Labor Center, she now heads the Labor Centerís education and training activities. Prior to joining the Labor Center staff, Katie was an international vice-president of UNITE, the Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees. She rose through the ranks, having been a rank and file seamstress, shop steward, union organizer, and manager of the unionís Pacific Northwest District Council. Katie chaired the founding convention of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, and her organizing experiences have been documented by Ruth Milkman in Women in Unions (Cornell ILR Press, 1993), and by Xiaolan Bao in Holding Up More than Half the Sky (University of Illinois Press 2001). She continues her involvement with garment worker and womenís issues as a Board member of the Worker Rights Consortium, the Labor Project for Working Families, the International Labor Rights Fund, the Working America Education Fund, and the Working for Good Jobs in America Fund.

Areas of Expertise
• Global Labor Strategies
• Immigrant Workers Rights
• Race, Class and Gender

Recent Publications

"Labor Insurgency in China: Strikes, Unions, and the Role of the Government." New Labor Forum, Volume 22, Issue 3, Fall 2013, pp. 64-70.

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A Global Labour Contract: The Case of the Collective Agreement Between the Association of Flight Attendants (AFL-CIO) and United Airlines, PDF Transfer, The European Trade Union Institute, vol. 6, 2000. (link to journal)

Curriculum Vitae

Katie Quan

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