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Labor Studies at Cal invites students to explore the role of the U.S. labor movement in the fight for social and economic justice, and its intersection with movements addressing racial, immigrant and gender justice.

We offer internships for academic credit during the school year, and paid summer internships through our Labor Summer Program. Our student programming, classes and internships cover topics such as income inequality, social movements, race and ethnicity dynamics in the workplace, immigration reform, wage theft, health care, the global economy, women and gender inequities, the future of work, green jobs, and retirement security.

Learn more about the Labor Studies program at Cal:


Labor Studies Courses:

Dr. Anibel Ferus-Comelo’s undergraduate and graduate courses investigate the role of the U.S. labor movement in the fight for economic, racial, gender, and immigrant justice. Each class gives students the opportunity to learn about worker issues through lectures, discussion, guest speakers, and hands-on engagement with labor organizations in the community.

Students who are interested in labor may also enjoy the following courses offered in the Fall 2022 semester:
Sociological Reading and Composition: Workers of the World (SOCIOL R1B)
Examining U.S. Cultures in Place: The Workplace (AMERSTD 102)
Why Work? Gender and Labor under Capitalism (GWS 139)
Other labor-related courses

This course provides a broad, inter-disciplinary overview of the U.S. labor movement

A course for undergraduates/graduates who have an interest in social/economic justice, and seek to earn academic credit while gaining experience in organizing

FALL 2022! An applied research and project-based seminar offers students the opportunity to develop and hone research skills

Berkeley Changemaker™: Labor Research for Action and Policy (L-RAP)

The labor movement isn't just about labor/worker organizing—it's about immigrant rights, gender equity, environmental justice, food justice, etc. I had never fully realized how intersectional it was as a whole or how intersectional I needed to be in practice.
- Labor Summer Student

Student Opportunities

In addition to classes, Labor Studies at Cal offers internship and service-learning opportunities for undergrad and graduate students who are interested in labor and employment issues. Whether you are new to the labor movement or a seasoned organizer, we can help you get involved with the most pressing worker campaigns in California. Check out our Solidarity Spring and Labor Summer programs to learn more.

Announcements and Events

Program Contacts

Anibel Ferus-Comelo

Director of Community-Engaged Academic Initiatives

Mara Ortenburger

Coordinator of Student Field Programs