Labor Summer Host Application

Section I: Supervisor Information – the intern supervisor should complete the application

* indicates required field







* Has your organization hosted a Labor Summer intern before?

* Have you supervised a Labor Summer intern before?

* Please describe your experience supervising students or younger workers.

* How often will the student meet with their supervisor for guidance and mentorship? (Note: we recommend daily check-ins)

* Will your organization be closed or will the supervisor be on vacation at any point during the internship?

If yes, please describe the closure or vacation dates and any other important information.

Section II: Interns

* How many Labor Summer interns would you like to host? Note: two interns is the minimum requirement and included in the fee. Additional interns will require additional payment.

* Which track of interns would you like to host? (Select multiple options by clicking “control” or “shift” key)

* What academic level of interns would you like to host? (Select multiple options by clicking “control” or “shift” key)

* Are you interested in hosting a student intern for longer than an 8-week period?

* Would you prefer a graduating intern who may be available to be hired after the program finishes?

Please select any language requirements for the internship other than English, if any: (Select multiple options by clicking “control” or “shift” key)

If other, please specify language:

Are these language(s) required or preferred?

* Are you looking for interns with any particular skill set? If yes, please describe.

* Will you require your intern(s) to work in person or can the work be done remotely?

* If the campaign permits remote work, are you open to being assigned an intern who is based outside of California?

Where will the intern’s primary work location be? Will they be required to travel between locations?

* Will your intern(s) need access to a car on a daily basis?

Section III: Labor Summer Project

* What campaign will the intern be assigned to? What are your campaign goals?

* What is the geographic scope of the campaign?

Describe other geographic scope:

* What type of tasks will the intern be assigned to complete?

* What are your overall expectations of student interns?

* If you are requesting a research intern, please describe how the research project will be used.

* Will the intern be working within a larger team of staff? Please describe:

* Are there any specific topics that you hope are included in the Orientation week of training that the Labor Center provides to prepare the interns for their field assignments?

* What is important for the intern(s) to know about your organization?

* Do you have materials that interns should review prior to starting the internship? If yes, please email them to Kirsten (