Labor Summer Host Application

The application is due Feb. 19, 2021. We strongly recommend that the supervisor of the intern fill out the application.

Basic Information

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* Number of Interns you would like to host (Note: two interns is the minimum requirement and included in the fee. Additional interns will require additional payment.):

* What type of interns would you like to host?

* Type of student you would like to host:

* Would you prefer an graduating intern who may be available to be hired after the program finishes?

* Are you interested in hosting a student intern for longer than an 8-week period?

Labor Summer Campaign

* What is the goal of the campaign/project?

* Please describe the people you are organizing and how their conditions will improve if you are successful:

* At what stage do you expect the campaign/project to be during the period of the internship (June through August)?

* Which portion of the campaign/project will the intern be assigned to? Please describe.

* What will the role of the interns be?

* If you would like a research intern, how will the research be used?

* What are your overall expectations of the student interns?

* What special skills should the interns already have, if any?

Please select any language requirements:

If other, please specify language:

Selected language required or preferred:

Due to COVID, Labor Summer will be a remote program. You must be prepared to work with a remote intern by providing regular check-ins and instructions.

* If CDC and local guidelines permit, would you like to host this intern in-person?


* Is the intern supervisor different than above?

If yes, please fill out the contact info below.

Name of supervisor:

Supervisor Email:

Supervisor Title:

Supervisor Phone Number:

* Has the direct supervisor ever supervised a Labor Summer intern before?

* Please describe the direct supervisor’s experience supervising students or younger workers:

* How often will the student meet with their supervisor for guidance and mentorship? (Note: we recommend daily check-ins)

* Will the intern be working within a larger team of staff? Please describe:

Will your organization be closed or will the supervisor be on vacation at any point during the internship?

If yes, please describe the closure or vacation dates and any other important information.

PLEASE NOTE: The intern’s direct supervisor will need to complete a supervisor orientation and anti-harassment training before supervising.

* Has your organization hosted a Labor Summer intern before?

* What is important for the interns to know about your organization?

If you have materials that the interns should review prior to starting their internship, please email them to Kirsten at

Program Fees

2 Labor Summer interns (Organizing, research or mixed) $14,400 per organization. Please let us know if you would like more than two interns and we can provide a quote.

If the fee poses a problem for your organization, please contact Kirsten Bottles Willer at to discuss payment and scholarship options.

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