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Updated October 2013
National Calculator

Under the Affordable Care Act, beginning in 2014, many individuals and families will be eligible to receive subsidized coverage in the Marketplace if they are not eligible for Medicare, Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program and are not offered affordable coverage through their employer.

  1. Enter household size and income for all individuals included on your tax return (yourself and spouse and dependents, if applicable).
  2. Enter age information only for those household members who need coverage.
  3. This interactive calculator estimates how much eligible individuals and families will spend on premiums for a Marketplace health plan under the law. The calculator also indicates income-eligibility for Medicaid.

The calculator is designed to estimate eligibility for individuals under age 65 in states that choose to expand Medicaid eligibility. To determine eligibility and apply for coverage, contact the Health Insurance Marketplace.

The estimated tax credit from the government shown below indicates the amount a family will save on monthly premiums, compared to what they would pay in the individual market without subsidies. Premiums are shown for a "silver plan," but individuals can choose to purchase a more generous or less generous plan. Silver plans offer a more generous level of benefits than most plans in the current individual market.

Notes: This calculator shows expected spending for families and individuals eligible to purchase coverage in the Marketplace under the Affordable Care Act. Under the law, maximum contributions to premiums will be based on modified adjusted gross income PDF, while estimates in this calculator are based on the annual income entered by the user. The premiums in this calculator reflects a weighted average of the second lowest cost silver plans in 48 states from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of The Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (September 2013), adjusted for age rating. In some states, premiums will also vary based on tobacco use, but that is not taken into account in this calculator.

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Development of this calculator was funded by a grant from The California Endowment. The California Endowment