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Uber Drivers In California Sue To Stop Pro-Proposition 22 Messages Aimed At Drivers

Labor activists say Uber is failing to provide drivers basic protections only offered to employees, such as healthcare and the ability to unionize. They also say the protections outlined in Prop 22 are inadequate, pointing to an analysis from the Labor Center at the University of California Berkeley that found the minimum wage under Prop. 22 would only be $5.64 due to loopholes and hidden costs.


No Stimulus Check? Four Reasons Economists Ignore Freelancers

“BLS statistics are just not picking up workers who do independent contracting on the side, for supplemental income in addition to a W-2 job,” says University of California economist Annette Bernhardt PhD., author of “The Gloves-off Economy.” “This is a real significant challenge to understanding what’s going on in the labor market.”


Ma Joad’s Heirs–And the Battle Today Over Independent Contractors

Annette Bernhardt is the director of the low wage work program at the UC Berkeley Labor Center, and the preeminent researcher on California’s contingent economy. Her recent research has emphasized the diversity of the contingent economy: a relatively small portion of the California workforce in 2016, an estimated 8.5%, who rely on contingent work full-time, and a greater number who use it to supplement incomes.