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Five Common Anti-Union Myths, Busted

Author and union organizer Jane McAlevey told VICE it’s essential to get ahead of management’s campaign and “inoculating” workers against these lines of attack.


Biden Promised to Reclassify Gig Workers. But How Will He Actually Do it?

“The biggest thing is control of the Senate and the ability to pass a law for gig workers,” Ken Jacobs, a gig economy expert at the UC Berkeley Labor Center, told Motherboard. “We’ll know more after the Georgia election, but things like an ABC test that takes legislation will be more difficult for Biden in the short run.”


Uber and Lyft Drivers Organize Caravan Outside Uber HQ

Misclassification is a key part of Uber’s elusive path to profitability as the strategy minimizes labor costs and liabilities by increasingly shifting its burden onto workers and taxpayers. This strategy allows Uber and Lyft to dodge paying $413 million in unemployment taxes to California and another $630 million in California wage claims.