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UC Berkeley Labor Center

RELEASE: The Public Cost of Low-Wage Jobs in California’s Construction Industry

The study, by Ken Jacobs and Kuochih Huang of the UC Berkeley Labor Center, finds that almost half of the families of construction workers in California are enrolled in a safety net program at an annual cost of over $3 billion in public funds. By comparison, just over a third of all California workers have a family member enrolled in one or more safety net programs.

California Workforce Development Board

RELEASE: Putting California on the High Road: A Jobs and Climate Action Plan for 2030

With the pandemic-induced economic downturn and uncertainty hurting Californians across the state – and with the fires a reminder of the urgent need for climate action – the California Workforce Development Board (CWDB) today submitted a new report to the Legislature highlighting a path forward for an economic recovery that advances the Administration’s high road principles of economic equity, climate resilience, and job quality.

UC Berkeley Labor Center

RELEASE: Change and Uncertainty, Not Apocalypse: Technological Change and Store-Based Retail

New technologies in the retail sector are likely to mean more monitoring and coercion of workers, and a stronger advantage for large companies like Walmart and Amazon, according to a new report released today from the U.C. Berkeley Labor Center and Working Partnerships USA.

UC Berkeley Labor Center

RELEASE: California’s Steps to Expand Health Coverage and Improve Affordability

New UC Berkeley/UCLA Report: California’s Health Care Policies Keep Uninsured from Growing, Improve Affordability for 1.55 Million. New state policies build on the coverage gains achieved under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and expand affordability help in the individual market, but number of uninsured projected to remain flat at 3.5 million in 2022.

UC Berkeley Labor Center

RELEASE: Truck Driver Misclassification: Climate, Labor, and Environmental Justice Impacts

New UC Berkeley Report: Stop Truck Driver Misclassification to Meet California’s Climate Goals. Misclassified drivers can’t afford clean trucks; Current Legislation—AB 5 would help make California’s transition to low- and zero-emissions trucks a reality.

UC Berkeley Labor Center

RELEASE: Troubled Future: Half of California Private Sector Employees Have No Retirement Assets

Over half of California private sector employees age 25-64 aren’t enrolled in a retirement savings plan or pension, according to a new data brief by Nari Rhee, director of the Retirement Security Program at UC Berkeley Labor Center. The brief provides a first-ever look at retirement assets—and the lack thereof—among private sector employees and working-age families in the state.